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Samini endorsed President Akufo-Addo's second term bid

Social media users react as Akufo-Addo’s bodyguards stop Samini from raising his hand

Ghanaian dancehall giant Samini has faced several criticisms after endorsing President Akufo-Addo’s second term bid.

In his unwavering effort to project the president, Samini has landed on the plate of social media trolls after an incident with the president’s security detail.

The New Patriotic Party on Saturday held a final rally to climax its campaign activities for the 2020 general elections in the Odododiodio Constituency.

During the rally, Samini who performed at the event attempted to lift the hand of the president to the view of the thousands of supporters who were present.

He was however prevented from getting hold of the president by his security personnel who were standing right behind the president on stage.

The incident has generated a conversation on social media as many users believe the action of the artiste was very much against protocol.

See below some comments shared on social media on the incident:


Dec 5, 2020

Disgraceful Samini Pushed Away Like A Cleaning Rug
In fact, ndc and its supporters just can’t stop with the lies, how was @samini_dagaati pushed? Why are u folks just trying so hard to juice something out of nothing? Are u that pained? Lol!
kojo dodd
Hahaahah @samini_dagaati was shown his level. You think they think about you? The untouchable dummy god will show samina dagaati eh

Uncle Nana
So you don’t know protocol? He’s President and the security guys did the right thing, they even delayed in my opinion.
@samini you see your size,your face after the snub is priceless I’ll save this video,but the guards no force ah,big artist like this paaaa


Sawaare Jacob LAWRA

Dec 6, 2020

They stopped the dagaati Northern Man from touching Akufo-Addo. Oow @samini_dagaati! !! This is what happens when you leave your umbrella and follow the elephant

Chris Vieira




Samini paaaa





Dont you know it’s not allowed to touch a President




Dec 5, 2020

How de NPP embarrassed Samini today,Agya Koo won’t be treated this way.NPP always use northerners as decoy for votes,bt don’t want us close 2 the throne.If you say dis,then people wll descend on u wit anger.Dis party is outrightly tribal bigots.See how they treated him like a kid

You get mental problem before erh? How on earth does a musician raise the hand of a sitting president for what? What declaration can Samini make? Gyimiee saaa
Anyankatowa! Anyawale

Samini Noise Making Endorsement Of President Akufo Addo Expired And Hit Rocks At Npp Rally

As Usual The Unwelcome Mr Samini Dagaati Within The NPP Now Met His Smoothness Level With Snub
Magic Wordsmith
But @samini_dagaati should have known better? Sorry bro but this ain’t allowed.


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