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The man cuddled his sex doll on his birthday

Nigerian man buys himself a sex doll as birthday gift

A Nigerian man has bought himself a sex doll to celebrate his birthday and we can’t just think far about this one.

The man is reported to be a controversial figure in Nigerian known as Pretty Mike and owns a club in the country.

He shared the video of himself cuddling the infamous sex doll which he says he sees not only as a sex machine but also his comforter, companion, and someone that will never disappoint him.

He wrote: “A lot of people describe her as a sex doll but to me, she is more of a companion, comforter and someone that never disappoints#BirthdayGiftToMySelf”.

In the comment section of the post, a follower thinks the sex doll looks older than the club owner.

He got into the conversation for awkward reasons in January 2017, when he was alleged to dehumanized some ladies.


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