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Former President Jerry John Rawlings

I’ve never been blood thirsty – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has stated that he did nothing wrong in the circumstances leading to the murder of the three High Court Judges and a retired Army Major Officer in 1982.

The ex-President who was the head of a Junta reacting to questions raised in a recent documentary by Joy FM on the killing of the Judges at an event in Kumasi said he was blood thirsty.

“If I were blood thirsty as these people are claiming 15th May 1979 I could have ignited the thing and left it. 1979 when people were calling for blood I could have let go and let people do the killings. How do I come back in the 80,s when things have cooled down a little bit to say I was going to kill judges or you want to put that on us, it was a terrible mistake some of our comrades did. Can’t you even choose how to knock me down without going so low, in going that low it’s pretty much like the wee that is going to destroy the children. I won’t make up stories, I have enough true stories about some of these characters.”

Former President Rawlings has come under public scrutiny following an extensive documentary seeking to reopen and solve an age-long mystery of the killing of three High Court Judges during his tenure as President.

The Joy News’ documentary, ‘Who Killed the Judges? gave a chilling account of how the judges and a retired army Major were abducted and killed in 1982.

The former President after watching the documentary in a tweet lambasted the media house and posited that history was being tweaked to paint him black.


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