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35-year-old Ghanaian develops rescue technology for robbery victims

A 35-year-old Ghanaian security expert has developed a technology that can rescue robbery victims from a control room of about 900 KM away and within 360 degrees without the help or before the arrival of police in crime and robbery attacks.

John A. Akutam CEO of Glatins Company limited has hinted that the Technology to be rolled out early next year help in curbing criminal activities in the country after pretext later this year.

He revealed this when a Chinese delegation paid him a visit in his office to test the collaborated demo on how to use sophisticated CCTV and intrusion system that can detect weapons and signal their control room.

According to him, the intention is to help improve the Security system at police check points that are not able to detect weapons, adding the system can automatically spray out specialized chemicals at exit and entry points where criminals will be using to exit or enter.

“This chemical is yet to be registered with the FDA and other related concern institutions to ascertain how harmless the chemical is when it puts culprits to sleep within 3 seconds and will be awake after 5 hours”, he revealed.

The Chinese who were so marveled wondered how Ghanaian could think this far with such innovative ideas.

Mr John A. Akutam cautioned the public against engaging individual Security Installers who are most likely to be informants to criminals.

The system will first be tested between late September and early October this year In China according to his Chinese counterparts.


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